Tables and Favors: A 1922 Guidebook to Party Decor

img_4110It’s Friday and dinner parties are on my mind, which reminded me of this fun little booklet I picked up not too long ago. Designed for an early prototype of the DIY goddess, this booklet is full of adorable party ideas.

After World War One was over, housewives and hostesses were yearning to throw parties that bore absolutely no resemblance to the (what they considered to be) stuffy Victorian-era dinner parties their mothers had thrown, drenched in strict etiquette and unforgiving formality. In short, the 1920’s hostess wanted her party to be fun and inviting (after all, it was the roaring 20’s). While still much of the upper-class continued to cling onto its towers of sterling silver and its unyielding manners, the middle class housewife enjoyed freedom to experiment with her dinner parties, dreaming up fun and inexpensive ways to decorate with basic household materials.

Filled with whimsical party decor tips and tutorials with a 1920’s touch, I scanned several pages of this booklet in hopes that other people will find this booklet as adorable yet useful as I do.









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