Fashion Icons: Natacha Rambova


By the mid-1920’s, few people cared to understand Natacha Rambova beyond her reputation as the controlling wife of Rudolph Valentino. Natacha, with a strong but intuitive artistic temperament and progressive feminist views quite unpopular for 1920’s society, refused to be told what to do, whether by her famous husband or by the studio heads who dared to intervene with her creative vision. Continue reading “Fashion Icons: Natacha Rambova”

Top 5: Underrated Costumes in Gone With The Wind


As soon as my mind wanders to the image of Scarlett in one of her costumes, which happens about five times on an average day, I let out a loud, dreamy sigh like a middle school girl thinking about her crush of the month. These exquisite costumes are among the very best that Hollywood has ever put forth into our world, and the evidence is in the amount of attention that goes on still today in preserving these magnificent creations.

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The Breathtaking Bridal Gowns of Early 1920’s Aristocracy and Royalty


The early 20’s bridal attire of the British aristocracy was heavily influential, and set the universal tone for the wedding garments of brides-to-be in Europe and America, extending even to designs of floral bouquets. Needless to say, these beautiful wedding gowns and accessories spared no expense, resulting in a feast for the eyes, even as the fads and trends have changed almost 100 years later.

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Fashion Icons: Kay Francis


Those fortunate enough to have seen Kay Francis movies from the pre code era, such as Jewel Robbery or Ernst Lubitsch’s classic Trouble in Paradise, know that Kay Francis steals every scene she’s in. Her magnetism doesn’t really lie in her acting ability, which was never something she had much of a reputation for (nor did that bother her much). She wasn’t known for her fast-talking, witty banter, like some of her colleagues, such as Jean Harlow. Nor did audiences identify with her street-smart sensibility, like they did with Barbara Stanwyck and Joan Blondell.

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Top 5: Jean Harlow’s Negligees

It seems fitting that my first post be about Jean Harlow’s lingerie.

For my first week of the fourth grade, I was told I had to prepare a book report in the form of a mobile, creating little pictures to hang from a clothes hanger and some twine, on which the back of the pictures would contain key facts about the book I read. What did I choose? Those Glorious Glamour Years, or “The Fashion Bible” as my mother and I called it.

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